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We are excited to bring to you a full month of in-person classes at Shree Mahalakshmi Temple in Vancouver, BC. Here is a short description of the classes:

1. Gentle Flow:  A soft, gentle practice that calls for the co-ordination of breath and movement which allows the body to open up according to its present ability and which encourages one to fully be present in one's perceived limitations and watch as they melt away.


2. Meditative Asana practice:  This class allows one to explore a more physically demanding practice centered on aligning the thoughts to the present moment, freeing one's emotions through movement and breath and developing a distance between action and thought and the one who observes the action and thought.


3. Yoga for Seniors:  This class is catered to anyone who requires the assistance of a chair and is unable to sit on the floor for a considerable length of time. The practices will be modified to help one gain a better range of motion and self-confidence.


4. Pranayama:  Pranayama is a technique to gain mastery over the mind through the manipulation of breath.  The pranayama class during the June sessions will be an introduction into various techniques along with their practical application in daily life.

5. One- One therapy sessions:  These sessions are for those who have specific concerns or goals that they would like to reach or for those who need further care beyond what can be given in a general group class.


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Please fill out the following form in order to register:

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